Problem of Rapid Consumption of Mobile Internet

Hak, Hukuk, Özgürlük ve Pandemi Şartlarında Sınırlama
July 15, 2020
Thousands of comments were made on lawyer Deniz Akbıyık’s internet package post on his social media account. While his tweet reached 3 million people, it turned out that thousands of citizens had the same problem. Recently, complaints about mobile internet quotas have increased significantly across the country. Many citizens complain that they make the same use and that their internet package is not sufficient compared to the past. Deniz Akbıyık, a lawyer in Istanbul, shared an internet tariff on social media and reached 3 million people. Thousands of citizens who experienced the same problem commented on the young lawyer’s tweet. So what can you do if it happened to you?
📍First of all, you should make a complaint to your own operator,
📍If the problem is not resolved, you should file a BTK complaint via e-devlet,
📍If there is still no solution or you are not clarified with the necessary, convincing and concrete explanations, you can apply to the consumer arbitration committee. For detailed information, you can visit our office or benefit from our online consultancy service.

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